How much electricity does a geyser use per hour


One way to get hot water at home is to use an electric water heater. Although it is more environmentally friendly than a gas heater, how much energy does an electric water heater use? Is it economical in terms of reducing electricity costs?

An electric water heater's energy consumption might occasionally be difficult to calculate. A water heater's usage primarily depends on its liter capacity and energy efficiency rating (A-F).

Here are the considerations you must make in order to determine how much energy your electric water heater uses and how much it costs to heat water with it. You can always compare two water heaters using these calculations and select the one that best meets your requirements based on how much energy it consumes or how big it is.

How many units of electrical energy are utilized by an electric water heater?

Electric water heaters typically use between 400 and 3000 kWh per year. The consumption value is typically listed on the heater's energy efficiency label. Based on the typical usage time, this is the estimated consumption.

However, you will be aware of how much an electric geyser uses for each hour of operation if you have the power and heating time data for the specs.

How is an electric water heater's kWh consumption determined?

The following three methods will help you determine the water heater's kWh electricity usage when you know the power in watts (W) and the heating time (hours and minutes):

  • By multiplying the power by 1000, you can convert it from watts (W) to kilowatts (kW).
  • Divide the minutes by 60 and add them to the hours to get the heating time in hours. This feature provides you with the value of the water heater's heating time in hours.
  • Multiplying the power by the time provides the water heater's usage in kWh because you already know the power in kW and the time in hours.

How can geyser power be reduced?

  • The most crucial factor to consider when monitoring your geyser's power consumption is the amount of water required. Be able to use less hot water for daily activities like cleaning dishes and clothes.
  • Take one shower rather than many showers throughout the day because multiple showers have an adverse effect on the geyser's power usage.
  • Select the geyser size that best meets your needs for hot water.
  • A bigger geyser may be able to heat more liters of water, which may eventually result in a rise in the electricity used by the geyser. If your family is small, you can get a 5-liter geyser, but if you share a home with others, you must purchase a geyser that holds at least 20 to 25 liters.
  • Choose a geyser timer since it makes it easier to turn the appliance on and off at the designated times.
  • One simple way is to turn down the temperature on your geyser thermostat, as hotter water leads to more steam and pressure buildup.

By implementing one or all of these methods, you can save energy and money while also mitigating potential risks associated with high-pressure hot water systems.

The End Note

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much if 2000 watts of geyser is used for 1 hour?

A geyser that has a 2000W power rating would use 2 kW of energy every hour. However, the power rating for geysers might range from 500 W to 5000 W.

Does a geyser use a lot of electricity?

Most likely, the device that uses the most energy in your home is your geyser. Between 25% and 40% of your overall electricity bill is usually made up of it.

क्या गीजर बिजली का बहुत अधिक उपयोग करता है?

आपका गीज़र सबसे अधिक संभावना है कि आपके पास ऊर्जा-भूखी वस्तु है। आमतौर पर आपके कुल बिजली बिल का 25% से 40% इसी से बनता है।

How much power does a 200 Litre geyser use?

In a smal family household, a 200-liter electric geyser requires 14 kWh of electricity on average each day.

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