The element of electrical heating devices are usually made of which material?


Looking for the answer of element of electrical heating devices are usually made of read this article defiantly at the end of this you will get the answer. The heating element of electrical heating equipment such as space heaters, toasters, ovens, and other equipment is frequently made of materials with a high electrical resistance. Alloys such as nichrome, kanthol, and iron-chromium-aluminum (ICA) are examples of these materials and may take the form of a coil, ribbon, or wire strip. When electricity is applied to the heating element, its internal temperature rises and becomes red hot, causing it to radiate heat outward.

  • Nichrome Alloy: Nichrome is the most commonly used material in heating elements due to its high resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures without oxidizing.


  • Kanthal: Kanthal has properties similar to nichrome but has greater resistance and can withstand higher temperatures.


  • Iron-chromium-aluminum (ICA): ICA is gaining popularity because it has a longer lifespan than the other two alloys mentioned above.

Wrapping these materials around ceramic insulators or putting them in a metal frame creates heating elements. Depending on the application, the element wire might be thicker or thinner; thicker wires produce more heat but consume more energy.

Why these Alloy are used in heating devices

Alloys are used in heating devices because:

  1. They have high melting points.
  2. Because they have a high resistance, even a small current passing through them causes them to become extremely hot.
  3. They do not quickly oxidise.

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